Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Mind Bending Series book covers revealed!

Hello everyone! The book covers for Afterthoughts, Second Edition, coming March 2009 and Left in the Dark, coming October 2009 are released!

Wish me luck!

Thanks Blackwyrm!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Book Signing at Barnes & Noble at the Summit

Louisville, Kentucky Author, and Featured Author at the Kentucky Book Fair, Lynn Tincher will be signing copies of her psychological thriller, Afterthoughts, at the Barnes & Noble at the Summit on Friday night at 7:00 PM, January 23, 2009.

About the Author

I am a published author from Louisville, Kentucky. My first book, Afterthoughts, was released in 2008 with the second edition due to be released in April. I am very excited about it as any author would be. My second book, Left in the Dark is due out in October, 2009. I am working with the American Cancer Society so that 10% of all of the revenue will be donated to them. I am also the publisher of The Literary Lynnch Pen, a Member of the National Association of Women Writers (www.naww.org), and the Small Publishers Association of North America (www.spannet.org).

The Literary Lynnch Pen is a weekly ezine that is reaching thousands of readers all over the world. In this eZine, I publish my news, articles on writing tips, and a featured artist section that is free publicity for the artist. I am now working with the Humane Society and the Woodstock Animal Foundation to feature a pet of the week in each issue as well as on my website.

I was recently selected to be a featured author at the Kentucky Book Fair in November and the Southern Kentucky Book Fest in April. I am very excited about both accomplishments. I have been speaking to audiences about the book at different book stores and libraries. I have recently signed up with Blackwyrm LLC for the second edition of Afterthoughts to be released in April and the sequel, Left in the Dark to be release in October.

Please visit my website to find out more about me and what I am doing. You can sign up to receive my eZine, The Literary Lynnch Pen.


About the Book

Afterthoughts - The First Book in the Mind Bending Series

The voices in your head, are they schizophrenic delusions or a window to another dimension?

"A fast-paced Psy-Fi thriller." - Eric Calvert
"This book will make you talk to yourself, out loud, and not feel crazy doing it." - Terry Stinnett
"I never wanted to put it down." - Laura Houchens

Detective Paige Aldridge's loved ones are prey for a serial killer. Desperate to help her sister, she is determined to find out who is behind it all. After being the victim of a kidnapping, she is traumatized by memories she does not know she has. She sees visions of the murders and believes she is being followed by someone she's only seen in the shadows. Trying to run from her dreams, she is sent spiraling down a path of self-doubt, fear, and betrayal. Paige finds an unlikely friend that tries to help her by telling her unbelievable things. Teamed up with her partner, Jay, she tries to put all of the pieces together. Are all of these things connected? Will Jay believe in her, and most importantly, will Paige believe in herself? Are the memories true or is it just an elaborate mind game? Can she get her thoughts together before it's too late?

I read it last night, and just couldn't put it down. The pacing was excellent, and the characters were solid: I feel like I know Paige! ~ Grace SimrallBook

Review for Afterthoughts - Drew Johnson (Amazon.com)
A different kind of psychological thriller for sure. The protagonist is faced with tragedy from page one and from then on you don't know whether what is happening is real, imagined, or an even worse situation. I'll not risk any spoilers: suffice to say, it's a good read.

Review by Jennifer Brown

The mind is a powerful thing. Paige Aldridge learns this and more in Lynn Tincher's "Afterthoughts".

Sarah, Paige's foster sister was there for her when she was found beaten without memory of the past few months. When her nephew is found dead just over a year later, Paige starts having scary flashbacks. She tries to focus and be there for her adopted sister but things only get worse. Paige ultimately believes she is losing it until a mysterious woman shows up, willing to help her. With Paige's family dying off one by one, and the scary implications building in her mind, it's up to her friend and partner Jay to uncover the truth behind the strange woman and what's happening to Paige. The shocking ending to "Afterthoughts" makes it well worth the read. The first in a mind bending series, I'm already anticipating where Paige's destiny will lead her next.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Afterthoughts Second Edition Book Cover

Yahoo! Here's the book cover for the second editon of Afterthoughts due April 2009 by Blackwyrm Press!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

SPAN Connection Feature

Hey guys! I had a small feature in the December edition of the Small Publishers of North America's newsletter. Bottom right hand side!