Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Getting Started Again

I am very excited to be doing research for Left in the Dark, the sequel to Afterthoughts. I am adding new twists and turns that will hopefully be totally unexpected and I am really enjoying the research.

I am thankful to have electricity again. I know there are so many that still do not and my thoughts are with you. They are also with those who had storm damage or injuries due to the storm. I still can't believe all the damage Ike spread all across the US.

I am really looking forward to both of my book sigings this weekend. I can't wait to meet everyone and see old friends again.

Till later.........

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Helpful Writing and Publishing Links

Helpful Writing and Publishing Links

I am a huge fan of Piers Anthony. I've been reading his books for more than half my life. He has a website where he does research on publishing companies to help new or established authors in their endeavors to get published. I found his research to be very helpful and honest. He is also a very nice man in that he gave me permission to add this link to his website. He updates it every two months. Check it out! ~Lynn~

Piers Anthony's Research - http://www.hipiers.com/publishing.html

My first piece of advice...BE PERSISTANT. This is an extremely tough venue to get into. It's hard to get publisher's attention. Especially if you do not have an agent. It's just as tough to get an agent's attention as well. Don't give up. Toughen up your skin. I've received hundreds of rejection letters from agents. The good news is, I have had attention as well. I've been fortunate enough to receive help and advice from several agents. If you get one or two agents willing to look at more of what you write, consider yourself extremely lucky.

Market, market, market!

Develop a network of other authors and friends. Join writers groups. The more people who know who you are the better.

As your release date creeps closer, send out emails to everyone you know. Word of mouth is a very strong tool. Have your friends help you spread the word.

Develop sell sheets for bookstores. Print flyers and business cards for your project and deliver them to Libraries and Bookstores for them to drop in shopping bags at the checkout.

Make your press release "to die for".

Research on how to develop all of the above. There are a lot of great resources available through the web.

I have been fortunate enough to not have had major issues with writer's block. Occasionally, however, I do need a jump start or I've run out of ideas. I have found that if I get out of the house, I can find inspiration. I sometimes walk through department stores and watch people. I can pick up on personality traits, slang, or bits of conversation that may spark something in me. I keep my handy dandy little notebook with me to jot these down. Then when I get back to writing, I have things to help spur me along.

In trying to get the sequel started for Afterthoughts, I've hit a wall on a couple of things so I started a little research. I found a couple of articles that I found to be helpful so I decided to share them with you.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Writer's_block (I know this is a Wikipedia article but it has a lot of great information and other links.)


With all that I've had going on the last couple of weeks, I have been having trouble finding time to write. I am working on the sequel to Afterthoughts as well as starting on a couple of new ideas. I thought I would throw out a couple of ideas on ways to make time.

I carry around a small notebook in my purse. If you don't carry a purse, find a notebook small enough to keep in your pocket or invested in a small hand held device. I use these to jot down ideas and work on different chapters. It's amazing sometimes how much you can get done in a couple of minutes if you have the resources available to take advantage of it.
I did run across a couple of articles that I found to be very helpful and have listed them below. They both offer really great suggestions in "making time".
Time and the Writer by Moira Allen - http://www.writing-world.com/basics/time.shtml
Finding Time To Write When You Have No Time To Write! by Karen Fenech -

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Book Signing Afterthoughts

I will be signing copies of Afterthoughts...

Carmichael's Bookstore
2720 Frankfort Avenue
Louisville, KY 40206
Saturday, September 20, 2008, 4:00 PM
(502) 896-6950

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Seeking Articles

Hello everyone! Below is a list of themes for each week's Lynnch Pen. I am seeking articles to include each week to expand the eZine so that it will be more useful to the subscribers. If you are interested in submitting an article, please send it to info@lynntincher.com with "Submission" in the subject line and which theme you are writing about. You will retain all rights to your article. Make sure to include the name and any contact information you would like to have included. Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you! (These are also located in the Lynnch Pen Calendar link on http://www.lynntincher.com/)

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September 15 Copywriting
September 22 Finding a Publisher
September 29 Writing Poetry
October 1 Making Connections
October 6 Finding an Artist
October 13 Character Development
October 20 Blogging
October 27 Be Open to Experiences
November 3 Google Yourself
November 10 How to be a Good Interviewee
November 18 The Anatomy of a Thriller
November 24 Typesetting
December 1 Finding an Editor
December 8 Setting the Scene
December 15 Tracking Your Fans
December 22 Creating a Space to Write
December 29 Brainstorming
January 5 Writing Non-Fiction
January 12 Keep a Positive Attitude
January 19 Play Writing

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Hurricanes and Updates

Busy, busy, busy. I just spent a few days in Ft. Myers Florida, watching hurricane Gustov pass by. That made for some interesting experiences and memories. I can’t begin to imagine what impact it had in Louisiana. My thoughts are with everyone impacted by Gustov.

I have some exciting news. I have been selected to be one of the authors at the Southern Kentucky Book Fest on April 18, 2009 at the Sloan Convention Center in Bowling Green, Kentucky. I am very proud to be a part of the Book Fest. To find out more, visit their website.

I will also be at the Casey County Public Library in Liberty, Kentucky on December 13th from 10:00 AM until 11:30 AM to talk about Afterthoughts, and the love of reading. I will be signing books as well. Coffee and snacks will be provided. I would like to thank Elizabeth Roy and the Casey County Public Library for asking me to be a part of their Kentucky Author program.

I am also trilled that Axis Avenue featured me in the AJC Decatur Book Fair this weekend. I have placed a copy of their ad on my website. Axis Avenue is a website where authors and readers can meet and share ideas and information. This is a great networking idea to showcase your work.

Everything is moving along fast now. I’m enjoying the ride!