Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Chat with me tonight!

Come chat with Black Wyrm Games:http://www.blackwyrm.com/Dave Mattingly owner of Black Wyrm Games.Mike Surbrook, author of the upcoming "Kazei 5" anime cyberpunk book.Michael Satran, author of the upcoming "Foxbat for President" adventure."Lizard," author of the novel "The Rainbow Connection".Jason Walters, BlackWyrm partner and author of the novel "The Vast White".Lynn Tincher, author of the novel "Afterthoughts".Scott Bennie, author of the superhero setting book "Gestalt: The Hero Within".Trevis Powell, author of the novel "Albrim's Curse".9 pm EST, Tuesday, 7th of April, 2009To Chat use the flashchat link under the Connect section.

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Hazardgal said...

Lynn... let me know when you post that guest blog on me ... I'll link to it on blogspot. Do you want to do a guest spot on mine?