Thursday, May 15, 2008

Busy busy busy

I've been so busy lately marketing for Afterthougths that I haven't had time to blog. Since I wrote in my latest eZine about making time, I figured I had better make time for this. Sorry that I have been neglecting it.

Please visit to sign up for the eZine. There are some really exciting things going on with it. I have started a Readers Care section and a Featured Artists section.

Also, check out

Here's a section from my eZine and things that have been going on:

Things are moving fast! I have some exciting events in the works.I will be on Author's Row at Chautaugua 2008 in Jeffersonville, Indiana on May 17th and 18th to promote Afterthoughts. I hope to see you there!For more information on Chautaugua 2008, visit also have one local bookstore and one of the national bookstores lined up to host book signing events. I will release more information when it gets closer Afterthoughts release date. Afterthoughts is still in editing and I have not received the official book art. I do, however, have the ISNB numbers. Here they are:
Hard Cover - 0-595-62160-0
Paperback ISBN: 0-595-51769-5
eBook PDF EISBN: 0-595-62024-1

I want to thank everyone for their help and support!

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