Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Afterthoughts Book Review

Written by Lynn Tincher
Reviewed by Amber Whitman-Currier

I was extremely pleased when Lynn asked me to review this book. This is Lynn’s first book but I am sure not the last. Lynn hails from Kentucky. Her background in theater arts certainly helps with her concepts. This story is about a young detective named Paige Aldridge. She has had her share of heartaches and family issues but she is strong.

The main characters are Jay, David, Paige, Junna and Sheperd. Paige finds herself in the middle of not one but three murder investigations. She has two men that she develops feelings for, David and Jay. Jay eventually falls hard for her and tries to hide his love. Then there is Junna who has a unique and special ability, which unbeknown to Paige they share for a specific reason. Throw in a villain which is Sheperd and you have a unique and spellbinding story! I particularly liked the character of Paige. She to me is the quintessential girl next door.

I could definitely relate to Paige. However, having the particular personal experiences she has is something that you can only read to believe! I really enjoyed this book. It is relatable, loving, funny, dark, suspenseful and intriguing. My favorite part of the book I would say was towards the end when the truth is revealed and Paige is free. I have to say, that the book was so intriguing that the end left me wanting more and cut short the entire story. You never know that could be purposeful.

Perhaps, Lynn may want to think of an encore to this book. Maybe, she already is. I would definitely recommend this book. I think anyone who enjoys mysteries and suspense will take something away from this piece of literature. This book urges you to read on. You will not want to put it down. So for spine-tingling suspense buy a copy of “Afterthoughts”. You will not be disappointed.

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